Bars, restaurants, and night life

Below are some of the popular Marion eating and drinking establishments we provide transportation to.

Louie's Scoreboard

740 10th St, Marion, IA 52302
(319) 826-2309
If someone offered you a different beer option every time you saw them, would you turn it down? We know the answer to that question. Well, you are going to want to pay a visit to Louie's Scoreboard soon because not only will you have a chance to try a new beer every time, but you can also enjoy some mouth watering smoked meat, flatbreads, burgers and other great tasty morsels. There is also something great about having a wait staff that is not only attentive but they are extremely knowledgeable of the menu and can make recommendations.

Ramsey's Metro Market

1120 7th Avenue, Marion, IA 52302
(319) 447-1700
This place is so many things, it is truly hard to know how to describe it. And what this means for you and your party is an out of this world experience. First of all, Ramsey's is a beer and wine bar. They retail around 140 great wines and 70 beers. We know that statement was an eye opener, but it is true. You can enjoy some while you are there and take some home for later. How about some great food to help the drinks go down. They have that too. And we haven't even told you the best part yet. You can actually put together customized meat, cheese and cracker packages for your group. There is nothing that you won't enjoy about your experience.

Emil's Hideaway

222 Glenbrook Dr SE, Cedar Rapids, IA 52403
(319) 743-3123
Quality is the name of the game at Emil's. Service is taken very seriously in every way and there is not one arena that has been overlooked in terms of getting it right. The owner's believe they exist to satisfy you the customer and so that is always the mission every single day. In the food arena, you will have plenty of great choices to pick from although we have a few of our favorites including the Hawkeye sandwich, the pizza and the smothered chicken. As far as the drinks go, check out their craft beers. And the service is always prompt and personal, you will feel like you are a friend or family.

Big Shots Bar

1803 6th Ave, Marion, IA 52302
(319) 373-3136
This is one of the greatest dive bars you will ever come across. This establishment is for people who love to drink. Connected to that are very good bartenders who know how to mix a drink well and a very friendly atmosphere not just from the staff but also from the patrons. Want to try your hand at some fun entertainment, then you are in luck because there is shuffleboard, darts and pool. If the weather permits, you can always try out the nice outside patio area. Fancy this is not, but if you are looking for a great drinking bar, you have found it.

Irish Democrat

3207 1st Ave SE, Cedar Rapids, IA 52402
(319) 364-9896
Is this a got to place for amazing drinks or tasty food or courteous service? All of the above. To start your experience, order their potato skins as an appetizer. As everyone knows, there is a real trick to cooking potato skins and getting them right and this place has it down to a fine science. For an entree, order the Irish stew or a rack of ribs, you will find both of them cooked to perfection and very scrumptious. And of course, we can't forget about the drinks which are first rate. The ambiance could best be described as relaxed and low keyed. You will leave feeling refreshed.